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Meet Ariaco

The Girl Of Your Dreams


Hi, my name is Ariako, and I really must admit that I love to tease men by undressing ever so slowly while they watch; look at the photos in my gallery and imagine how excited you would when I take off my sweater. I’m sure you will agree that I am one of the cutest young girls you have ever seen, and that you would try very hard to have a date with me if you met me socially; so I have made it very easy for you by being available as an escort, read more

meet abby

Adorable Abby-The Sequel


Hi, my name is Abby, and I guess you have already read my last blog about my exciting trip to Barbados. I had already enjoyed a few days on the island when I finally got to meet my client, who I will call Simeon for the purposes of this blog so as not to get into trouble. read more

Meet Abby

Adorable Abby


Hi, my name is Abby, and I am really surprised at how easy it is to share my diaries for everyone to read without feeling at all embarrassed. Although much of my time as an escort has been in London, I was recently fortunate enough to be booked for a week in Barbados. I was flown first class, which was such a treat, and it was the first time I actually enjoyed airline food; not to mention how comfortable my cubicle was. read more


I am Yoshino, the object of men�s desire


Hello, I am Yoshino, I have been a courtesan for a few years now because I started quite by chance while I was still in college. In those times gone days, it seems to me that all the different and indifferent moments flowed one into the next like a story written and told without much thought for grammatical punctuation. It was in those teenage years that I began to see the writing on the walls of my life and learned how to read between the lines. read more